BRAIS is managed by a group of elected Officers based at leading Higher and Further Education institutions across the UK.


Chair: Currently vacant


Secretary: Mr Tom Lea

Position: General Manager, Alwaleed Centre (University of Edinburgh) 

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Treasurer and Membership Officer: Dr Omar Anchassi, University of Edinburgh

Discipline: Islamic Studies

Academic Interests: Islamic Law (formative to modern periods), particularly questions of violence, gender and sexuality, Islamic intellectual history in the modern period, Qur'anic commentary.

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Equality and Diversity Officer: Dr Alyaa Ebbiary, SOAS

Discipline: Social Anthropology

Academic Interests: Islamic education, Muslim religious training institutions, knowledge transmission in Muslim communities.

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Communications Officer: Dr Usaama al-Azami, University of Oxford

Discipline: Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Academic Interests: Islam and politics, modern Islamic political thought, Islamic law, Islamic intellectual history

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