BRAIS is managed by a group of elected Officers based at leading Higher and Further Education institutions across the UK.


Chair: Dr Ayman Shihadeh, SOAS, University of London

Discipline: Medieval Intellectual History

Academic Interests: Ayman is an intellectual historian specialising in medieval philosophy and theology.

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Secretary: Professor Seán McLoughlin, University of Leeds

Discipline: Anthropology and Sociology of Islam and Muslim Diasporas

Academic Interests: Religion, ethnicity, diaspora, identity. All aspects of the Muslim (and the South Asian heritage) presence in Britain. Ethnography of contemporary Muslim societies.

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Treasurer and Membership Officer: Dr Omar Anchassi, University of Edinburgh

Discipline: Islamic Studies

Academic Interests: Islamic Law (formative to modern periods), particularly questions of violence, gender and sexuality, Islamic intellectual history in the modern period, Qur'anic commentary.




Events Officer: Dr Feriel Bouhafa, University of Cambridge

Discipline: Islamic Studies

Academic Interests: Islamic/Arabic philosophy, Averroes and Farabi, Natural Justice and Natural Law

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Communications Officer: Dr Usaama al-Azami, Markfield Institute

Discipline: Islamic Studies

Academic Interests: Islam and politics, modern Islamic political thought, Islamic law, Islamic intellectual history

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